RHUGT Did Ramona date Luann’s ex-husband Tom D’Agostino?

On Episode Two of Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip Season 1 Ramona Singer got up from the table while Luann De Lesseps started discussing her ex-husband Tom D’Agostino during a yachting trip. Luann was getting emotional, but Ramona said she had already heard the story and she would come back when it was over. Did Ramona and Tom date?

While Ramona was absent Luann said she was madly in love with Tom even though everyone told her not to marry him. Bethenny Frankel even showed her pictures of him cheating on her when they were engaged. Luann says that he didn’t know how to be a husband and that he was really just her drinking buddy. She also said that she thought she could help him, which Kenya related to.

Ramona then came back up with some samples of her friend’s lip gloss company. She then explained that she had to leave the

In her talking head interview, Ramona shaded LuAnn by saying, “I was married for 22 years. You don’t see me cryin’ over stuff. She was married to Tom for, like, less than a year, and she knew he was a f**k-up.”

When Melissa Gorga told Ramona that maybe she should listen to Luann’s story because she had just complimented Ramona (Luann had just said to know Ramona is to love her,) and then she started crying.

Ramona says that the story about Tom D’Agostino “pushes” buttons for her because there were stories in the press that she had dated him, but she “really didn’t date him.”

This angered Luann. “Wait, wait, wait,” Luann said. “That was a trigger for you? Ramona, the level of selfishness right now.” Luann later commented that there wasn’t enough lip gloss in the world to cover up Ramona’s rudeness. She said Ramona was missing both empathy and timing with her comments.

In interview, Kyle called Ramona a “self-centered little monster,” and noted that she thought Ramona was under the impression that she was on vacation by herself. Later, when Kyle was swimming and encountered a stingray, she quipped that if it came down to choosing between the stingray in the water and Ramona on the boat, she’d choose the stingray.

Did Ramona and Luann’s ex Tom D’Agostino really date?

The rumor that Ramona and Tom dated came from Ramona herself. In 2016, she told E! News “Yes, I did date him but we just didn’t have any chemistry. I do think he’s a very nice guy.” She went on to say that she found it funny how small the dating pool was that she would “overlap” with Luann.

Bethenny Frankel also claimed that Ramona dated Tom, and that Sonja Morgan used to be a “friend with benefits.” Bethenny spilled to Andy Cohen on his Sirius XM radio show: “Ramona’s dated him and Sonja used to be his friends with benefits, so they kind of gave a little intel recently. He’s the new Harry Dubin. Harry Dubin, for anyone who hasn’t watched the Housewives, is the other man who banged every single Housewife except for, like, Portia, I think. But no. I feel happy. I feel excited for her. She’s having a moment, it’s exciting.”

Tom himself then clarified to People that while he and Ramona went out to dinner a few times with friends, they never officially dated because of the lack of chemistry.

“In terms of Ramona, we never dated,” Tom D’Agostino said. “We went out a couple of times – maybe two or three times to dinner with some friends. “There was never any chemistry. No interest at all.”

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