RHOC Dr. Jen Armstrong sued by her billionaire ex for ‘loans’ that paid for cancer treatments, tuition, and egg freezing

New RHOC castmember Dr. Jen Armstrong is a successful and hardworking Aesthetic Medicine Physician and Surgeon. She’s currently the CEO of Advanced Skincare Dermatology and Plastic Surgery located in Newport Beach, CA. Before she married her current husband, Jen dated billionaire Bruce Elieff, and their relationship ended in cheating scandals and lawsuits.

According to a New York Post article, in 2014 Bruce Elieff sued Jen for $850,000 after she cheated on him and got pregnant with twins. Jen also claimed that Bruce cheated on her with multiple women. The pair started dating in 2009 when Jen was still in medical school and the relationship imploded in 2013 with the birth of her children.

Part of what Bruce sued her for included “$160,000 tuition at the University of Hawaii, $10,000 in monthly expenses, $160,000 for cancer treatments, and $37,000 to freeze her eggs.” A spokesman for Bruce went so far as to say that Jen had faked cancer in order to get funds from him. Also named in the suit was John Luciano, who Bruce claimed was also benefiting from the money.

Jen argued that Bruce had given her money with no strings attached and was using the lawsuit in an attempt to control her.

In papers, Jen filed she argued that Bruce often gifted expensive things like jewelry, a Range Rover, and sometimes even “stacks of cash,” to back up her claim that he never issued her any loans, only gifts.

It’s unclear if this case was settled out of court, but there aren’t any public articles about a trial.

Dr. Jen has moved past that messy relationship is currently married to Ryne Holliday, who often appears shirtless on her Instagram account.

What does RHOC’s Dr. Jen Armstrong’s husband Ryne do for a living?

Ryne is the preside of luxury rental property and vacation planning company Hawaii Hideaways Inc. The couple have a six-year-old daughter named CeCe as well as Jen’s twins from a previous father.

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