Hair Care Secrets: How Kyle Richards keeps up her glossy mane

Kyle Richards (who was stunning last night at the Golden Globes) is as known for her gorgeous locks of dark brown hair as she is for the all the
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills drama. Is all of that shininess her own hair, or does she have extensions? What products does she use?

Is Kyle’s hair real?

100% Even though the current trend is for women to instantly lengthen or thicken their hair with extensions, Kyle’s hair is ALL her own. It looks the part too! Extensions can look damn good, but they just can’t achieve the authentic, healthy look that a good natural head of hair rocks.

What products does Kyle use on her hair?

In every interview about her hair, Kyle always mentions her #1 hair care product: Pantene! She also tweeted in 2010 that she also uses Bio Silk. She wrote in her Bravo blog last year: “I’ve always used their deep clarifying shampoo and heaviest conditioner.”

Kyles wears designer clothes, and lives in a million dollar mansion, and can afford $100 dollar shampoos, but still thinks Pantene is the best.
Recessionistas rejoice!

Even though Kle is addicted to Pantene, she was a little upset when the changed the formula a while back, and is reportedly in talks with several beauty companies to develop her very own affordable hair care line.

We can’t wait!

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