PHOTO Lisa Vanderpump mistakes watch for a sex toy? (Giggy remains unfazed)

Lisa Vanderpump mistakes a RumbaTime watch tube for a vibrator

You can’t take those Real Housewives of Beverly Hills anywhere! The epitome of elegance and class Lisa Vanderpump revealed once again that she has quite the risque sense of humor when she and husband Ken Todd (and canine superstar Giggy!) stopped by the RumbaTime watch table at the GBK Gifting Suite in the Golden Globes Lounge last weekend.

Our source snapped the above photo and tells the story this way:

When Lisa stopped by with her husband Ken and dog Giggy, Ken exclaimed “I bet you’d like these!” Mistakenly believing him, Lisa assumed the RumbaTime Watch tube-like packaging was a vibrator. She quickly responded with “Looks familiar,” while pointing it at her husband.

The Rumba Time watch tube resembles a vibratorGives new meaning to “takes a licking and keeps on ticking!” Hi-oooooooooo!

In Lisa’s defense (which is our site’s official position 99% of the time) the “RumbaTime Watch tube-like packaging” (right) does look a bit suspicious dontcha think?

Of course, the real issue here is how was Giggy affected by all this?!? The answer, as usual, is that Giggy VanderPom was completely unmoved by the drama:

Giggy the Pom

(You can see photos of Jigs and Lisa on the red carpet at NBC TCA Press Tour HERE!)

And just in case you wanted one of these ultra-hip RumbaTime watches complete with a free female pleasuring device head on over to and pick one up! (The “Original 2.0 Collection” come packaged in the Vanderpump wands.)