RHNY’s Carole Radziwill has a casual, long-distance relationship with Aerosmith’s Russ Irwin; they even see other people!

Real Housewives of New York star Carole Radziwill is currently in a long-distance relationship with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Russ Irwin. Russ is a touring member of Aerosmith and also has a solo career. He resides in Los Angeles while Carole is based in New York. Although their relationship is anything but traditional (they’re actually allowed to see other people while they’re away from each other,) it works for them.

Carole explained to cast-mate Aviva Drescher “We’re allowed to [see other people,] he’s a grown-up, I’m a grown-up, we’re allowed to do, whatever.” When asked if she cared what he was doing while he’s away, Carole replied “No. It works for us. I’m not saying it would work for everyone. We have a cool relationship.” Aviva noted in interview that this type of relationship wouldn’t work for her because of jealousy issues, but it seems to be working okay for Carole. People love and experience relationships in all different kinds of ways.

As fans saw on last week’s episode, Russ wrote a song for Carole titled “Manhattan” which he played for her during their car ride through the city. How romantic! Russ even made a music video for the song and in the video, Carole played.. you guessed it — his girlfriend.

Carole, the self-proclaimed “queen of long-distance love,” has been dating her rocker boyfriend for a year and judging by how they interacted on the show, they are totally infatuated with each other. No word on if we will see more of him on the show. If we don’t we are sure to see the feisty housewife getting her flirt on elsewhere. In fact, she flirted with her co-star’s husband on Monday’s episode — all in good fun, of course. Carole even hit on a much younger man while shopping with co-star Aviva Drescher. This housewife is ballsy and we love it.

Carole was married once before to Prince Anthony Radziwill, who was also a Kennedy cousin. They tied the knot in the Hamptons in 1994, but sadly Radziwill died of cancer just 5 years later. In 2005 Carole wrote a book, What Remains, to help process her grief. Will Carole ever marry again? Only time will tell. For now, she is having a ball in (and out) of her relationship with Russ.

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