REPORTS Patti Stanger slaps Bravo production crew member, Millionaire Matchmaker may get canceled

Patti Stanger funny photo acting crazy

Millionaire Matchmaker star Patti Stanger is in serious hot water after reportedly recently throwing a millionaire haymaker at a member of her show’s production crew!

An insider tells Rob Shuter, “Patti slapped someone on the arm when she got annoyed. It wasn’t one of her millionaires or ladies hoping to date them — this was a member of the production crew. This is very serious and conversations are being had about firing Patti and canceling her show.”

Perez Hilton has multiple sources telling a similar story. “She got physically violent,” an insider says. “We are over her antics,” reveals a source. “She’s had a real serious talking to” by network execs.” Perez goes on to say “that due to the violent outburst Bravo is considering either firing Patti, replacing her or outright canceling the show!”

“It’s one thing to get angry and verbally attack someone, but to physically touch someone is unacceptable,” said Rob Shuter’s source, who has worked with Patti for a long time. “She has never been nice, but all her drama made for great TV. But now she believes her own hype and actually thinks she’s a very important star and the rules do not apply to her. She’s about to crash and burn.”

The violent outburst isn’t the first for Stanger, who made headlines back in August of 2010 when TMZ published an audio recording of her going ballistic on her stylist at the time, Lauren Solomon.

Some highlights from the conversation:

“Get your f***ing feelings out of this f***ing room or you’re never going to be a stylist. This is your moment of me saying your name on the air. Nobody has ever done that for you. So why would you have me in f***ing random clothes?”

“This is Elle f***ing magazine! This is the big one!! You want to fatten me up!”

“I don’t wear v-necks, Lauren, because of my boobs!”

“I want you to understand what you did wrong! Count the f***ing measurement to my f***ing knee! You have to learn these techniques. I can’t do this for you. It’s like when I’m matchmaking somebody – I know exactly what they want!”

Sounds like someone needs some Stanger management!