Patti Stanger talks about plastic surgery and her year as a lesbian

Patti Stanger talked about her plastic surgery and her one-year stint dating a woman on Good Work. RuPaul asked her if she was a lesbian, and she replied, “Yes, in my twenties. For a year.”

“I fast forwarded straight through the lesbian thing,” Patti says, adding that she doesn’t miss it. Patti also opened up about all the work she’s had done.

She’s had her boobs done twice, a reduction and lift both times. She said she had to have her boobs done again because “they grow back.” She said her second doc was amazing, but not the first.

She also had her eyes done to make the size of her eyes match because she had different sized eyes.

She gets thermage done on her neck to keep it tight. She says her plastic surgery has “saved her love life.” She said that women are taking better care of themselves now, and that men need to keep up. If men don’t keep up, she says they’re just going to date younger men.

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