REPORT Rob Kardashian has a drug problem, family pushing for rehab

Rob Kardashian Reported Drug Problem

New photos obtained by TMZ show Rob Kardashian apparently smoking a joint and drinking Sizzurp. Sources “directly connected with the family” say the Kardashians are aware Rob has “a very bad drug problem.”

“We’re told the Kardashians have been calling rehab facilities, but Rob refuses to go,” claims TMZ. “They feel desperate because they don’t know what to do.”

One picture, which was reportedly taken a few days ago during a “drug-fueled party,” shows Rob blowing a cloud of smoke while what looks to be a joint to a friend. In another, double-stacked cups near Rob have “Codeine Boys” and “SipLean” logos on them — signs of Sizzurp, a dangerous mix of prescription-strength cough syrup and sugary drinks.

Codeine Boys Siplean

The photos come the day after reports claimed Rob hasn’t spoken to sisters Kim Kardashian or Khloe Kardashian since leaving Kim’s wedding celebrations more than one month ago.

“Rob hasn’t returned any of Khloé’s phone calls or texts,” a source told Radar Online. “He feels completely estranged from his sisters and family. He really isn’t in a good place.”

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