Diem Brown asks for prayers and advice for her cancer as doctors are ‘seemingly giving up’

Diem Brown October 2014

The Challenge star Diem Brown recently updated fans on her third battle with cancer, and although the news is bad, Diem continues to remain positive as she asks her fans for help.

“I need prayers and advice,” she tweeted on Tuesday, before adding, “my doctors are seemingly giving up but I won’t & can’t rollover. Whatever option I have to LIVE I’m grabbing!” She later iterated her positive message, and added the Twitter handle for her friend, E! News correspondent Alicia Quarles, as a contact person:

Also on Tuesday, Alicia posted this next photo on instagram and wrote, “I’m with @diembrown right now. We both believe in the power of prayer. She’s asked that I ask all of you to pray for her. God is good. Diem would like a huge prayer circle. I reassured her she has one. Diem smiled and told me, a little reminder never hurts 🙂 ”

Alicia followed that up with a photo of Diem’s friends and family toasting her:

Diem Brown’s cancer fight first began six years ago when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer just prior to appearing on MTV’s The Challenge (then titled Real World/Road Rules Challenge). She went into remission, but the cancer returned in 2012.

That time around doctors were forced to remove Diem’s ovaries, but not before extracting and freezing some of her eggs for the potential of having a biological child in the future.

Diem’s cancer returned this summer, this time in her colon. “Doctors found one tumor blocking her colon completely so they had to do emergency surgery that evening to remove the blockage,” Diem’s sister Megan revealed to People at the time. “They were able to remove the mass, but once they were inside they found out there were multiple tumors.”

In August, doctors were forced to perform and emergency hysterectomy, but Diem retained hopes of eventually having a child via surrogacy.

Earlier this month it was revealed that the cancer in her colon was now also in her stomach and had spread to her liver and lymph nodes.

For a complete timeline of Diem Brown’s cancer battles, be sure to check out the timeline on People, who have partnered with Diem from the beginning to share her story.

As with her previous battles with cancer, Diem has been very open this time around as far as sharing updates, info and photos with fans. Here are a series of instagram photos posted by Diem over the last few months in chronological order, beginning with the earliest:

Proof that HOPE & FAITH work! Over 3 weeks ago on the left I was hooked up to multiple machines, 2 IV's, had 4 drains coming out of every angle of my body & received overwhelming news of my treatment plan. ## To today on the right with one of my angels @alicialquarles WHO was one of my angels that gave me hope. Her & my sister set up a #MedGift support page for me (direct link to it is on my Instagram & twitter profile) I now only have one "drain" that I will eventually get used to, with help can be upright on a walker &got interviewed by one of my very best friends for E!News for #OvarianCancer awareness month I can not thank my beautiful friends, family and even people I've never met with how much support and love y'all have given me, thank you from the bottom of my heart for given me back HOPE & FAITH! I know this will be a long road but now I'm just looking ahead to the next day instead of thinking of the full journey. Looooooove y'all, Diem

A photo posted by Diem Brown (@diembrown) on

In addition to prayers and advice, you can also donate money to the MedGift page set up for Diem by friends and family, which is an amazing story in itself as Diem is the one who started MedGift to help those battling with cancer.

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