VIDEO The Challenge Rivals III preview clip revealed

Rivals III


Last night was a trifecta for The Challenge Battle of the Bloodlines. First, the season finale aired with Cara Maria and Jamie taking the coveted win, followed immediately by the reunion show, topped off with the always hilarious The S**t They Should Have Shown episode.

Not only did MTV wrap up season 27 of The Challenge in one night, they gave us the first teaser for the next season–which premieres in less than three months. Check out The Challenge Rivals III!


Now you’re all here for a reason. Either you pissed someone off or you’ve done someone wrong. No matter the reason, I guarantee you don’t like someone here. This season is going to pair you up with your rival of the opposite sex. It’s not the rivals you’re used to.


In the past, it was always a guy/guy, girl/girl team competing. Johnny & Tyler and Evelyn & Paula won the first Rivals back in 2011, and CT & Wes and Emily & Paula won Rivals II in 2013.

Even though the teaser clip doesn’t reveal much, one thing’s certain: Bananas and Sarah Rice (Sarah Patterson after her wedding last summer) are not only back, but are teamed up together.

Rivals 3

Is there anyone that thinks Bananas and Sarah won’t win?! #DreamTeam

Speculation about the new season began last year when it was reported that a helicopter crash killed 2 people during a production excursion. Not long after, buzz began swirling as to the theme of the upcoming season, as well as which cast members would return.

Be sure to click here for the rumored teams for Rivals III.

Don’t forget to keep your eye out for season 28 of MTV’s The Challenge Rivals III when it premieres in May.

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