REPORT Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis is in rehab

Kathryn Dennis

According to FITSNews, a South Carolina political website, Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis has voluntarily entered a drug rehab facility in Malibu.

“This is a step in the right direction for her for her health as well as for custody of her children,” a source told the news outlet.

It’s true that Kathryn is currently in California. She’s been posting various pics and selfies while horseback riding, hiking, and enjoying the ocean air.

Balcony view ??

A photo posted by Kathryn Calhoun Dennis (@kathryndennis) on

Cali needs #nofilter ???

A photo posted by Kathryn Calhoun Dennis (@kathryndennis) on

Missing from these photos are her kids.

While Kathryn is taking care of herself in SoCal, Kensie and Saint are at home in South Carolina with their dad.

Around the same time Kathryn began posting pics of California, Thomas started sharing snapshots with his kids.

Kathryn’s Instagram:
Kathryn Dennis Instagram

Thomas’s Instagram:
Thomas Ravenel Instagram

Me and kids at Magic Kingdom having a blast!

A photo posted by Thomas Ravenel (@thomasravenel) on

Me and my Pride and Joy! What a joy and privilege.

A photo posted by Thomas Ravenel (@thomasravenel) on

In June, it was revealed that Kathryn failed a court ordered drug test as part of her ongoing custody battle with Thomas.

Both parties were tested for marijuana, cocaine, and opiates. Thomas’s test came back clean while Kathryn tested positive for all three substances.

Based on the timeline of their Instagram pics combined with her recent failed drug test, I’m inclined to believe the report is true and she is, in fact, seeking treatment in California.

Not only would it be a healthy step in the right direction, it would be an amazing storyline for season 3: “Kathryn returns! She’s back and better than ever!”

Stay tuned!

Photos: Instagram

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