REPORT Joe Giudice to file for divorce when Teresa Giudice goes to prison

Are Joe Giudice and Teresa Giudice getting a divorce?

Although Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Joe Giudice and Teresa Giudice put on a united front during their fraud trials, there have since been a lot of rumors that their marriage is cracking under the pressure. Now, an insider says Joe is working with a lawyer and plans to file for divorce when Teresa starts her prison sentence in January.

“Joe always felt pressure from Teresa to have the biggest house, best clothes, and luxurious vacations,” a source told Radar Online. “While Joe does take responsibility for his role in the bankruptcy fraud case, it was all done under the pressure he felt from Teresa.”

Indeed, although Joe and Teresa have well-publicized money problems, she reportedly just spent even more money to fund daughter Gia’s second music video. The source added Teresa seems to be in denial about the money problems and her crumbling marriage.

“Teresa doesn’t think Joe would ever leave her, or file for divorce,” the source said. However, the insider said Joe is well on his way to submitting the papers. The source added the process should be “very straightforward as there are no financial assets to split up… They owe more than $13.5 million to creditors, and there is just no money coming in.”

Teresa is scheduled to begin her 15-month prison sentence on January 5. Joe will begin his 41-month sentence after she is released. During both times, the source said Joe has figured out ways to take care of their four daughters financially. But, the source added, “Teresa will be on her own.”

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