Amanda Bynes accused of trespassing at retirement home, cops called

Amanda Bynes allegedly trespasses in Thousand Oaks at retirement home

Amanda Bynes has returned to Los Angeles from New York City and already, she’s back in the headlines for her odd but certainly not “erratic” behavior. Although she’s only been in town for a few days (if that), Amanda quickly picked up right were she left off — in trouble with the police.

According to TMZ, Amanda was trying to get into a Thousand Oaks retirement center last night but was turned away because she seemed drunk. Since she had a vehicle, the center called her a cab so she could get wherever it was that she wanted to go. When the cab arrived, Amanda reportedly told the driver, “Get me the f**k out of here … I don’t have any money,” but he didn’t listen. Instead, the cab driver kicked her out of his cab.

At that point, Amanda returned to the retirement center. Upon her arrival, the cops were called.

TMZ claims that there is no record of any arrest, so it looks like Amanda may have gotten off with a warning or a ticket.

It’s unclear whether or not Amanda knew someone in the home and was trying to visit them or if this was just some sort of freak thing, but it’s possible that she knew someone considering she grew up in Thousand Oaks.

Amanda was living in New York up until recently after moving from Los Angeles to pursue a career in fashion. Last week, she was reportedly kicked out of her hotel for smoking weed and making a hotel employee cry. Prior to that, she was evicted from her apartment.

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