Real Housewives of NYC’s LuAnn De Lesseps was on the cover of Playgirl!

Countess LuAnn De Lesseps on the cover of Playgirl magazine

During tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City Kelly Bensimon had an awkward moment when she had to tell Jill Zarin and LuAnn DeLesseps she would be gracing the cover of the 40th Anniversary Issue of Playboy, but the tensions were lessened dramatically when “The Countess” LuAnn De Lesseps announced she was on the cover of Playgirl when she was a model, at which point she ran off to grab one to show Kelly!

When LuAnn returned she didn’t have the actual magazine, but she did have a photo of the cover. Of course I bit the bullet and de-hetero-ed my computer cookies by researching which issue it was. The result? She was on the cover of the May 1990 Playgirl!

Here’s the actual video clip from Bravo:

Actually, there appears to be two different covers – one with a 24-year-old LuAnn Nadeau hanging over the shoulder of the hunky Todd Brown and one with just a hunky Todd Brown. (I don’t know much about Playgirl – do they do variant covers for different markets? Perhaps the LuAnn variant was for more conservative markets where it was only cool for women to be buying a magazine with naked men?) Both issues have the same articles though! It is apparently the “Men of Texas” issue with these tantalizing teasers:

Prime Beef! The Men of Texas
Mel Gibson: Can A Man This Gorgeous Be This Goofy?
Have An 0rgasm In Your Sleep
Learn About Erotic Art (He’s On Page 76)

Copies of the instantly collectible magazine are disappearing from amazon, but you can still grab one if you hurry! But be careful – I’m not sure how you can guarantee you’re getting a Countess one or a Countessless one 😉

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