Razor blade doughnut caper proven to be sprinkled full of holes

MUGSHOTS Michael Condor Carrol Lee Leazer

Utah criminal mastermind couple Michael Condor and Carrol Lee Leazer decided that their quick path to the good life would involve ingesting doughnuts they personally filled with razor blades.

In debt, the hot n’ ready couple glazed over the details of a plan to extort money from Smith’s Food Store in the city of Draper, outside Salt Lake City. You see, Michael and Carrol would plant the razors, eat the doughnuts from the store and then sue the company for selling them the deadly delicacies.

To test out their not-so-tasty pastries, they let an unsuspecting co-worker at the Dollar Tree take a little taste. It was this move, and just about everything else with this plan if we’re honest here, that led to the eventual arrest of the criminals.

Last week, area police got a call from the couple reporting that they found a triangular piece of metal in their doughnut. The hospital x-rays revealed that there were several small metal pieces in the couple’s stomach but as detectives with Condor-Leazer Vice delved deeper, the whole story just seemed sprinkled full of holes.

The couple were arrested and have been charged with aggravated assault because of the decision to let their co-worker take a bite of the dangerous deliciousness. Thankfully, said co-worker was unharmed as he only bit down and did not swallow what he was given.

When asked for comment – Michael and Carrol stated, “D’oh!,” and “Nuts!” (okay I made that last part up).