Random Olym-Pics: German cyclists’ quad off featuring Robert Förstemann’s freakish quads

In case you haven’t noticed, the 2012 Summer Olympics are well under way over in London. The opening ceremony received the highest TV ratings ever for the premiere night of a Summer Olympic broadcast resulting in a serious win for NBC.

We’re not a sports blog but we sure do love us some randomly strange and / or interesting photos so we’re gonna run a daily photo post for the rest of the summer games – starcasm style.

The inaugural pic comes from New Zealand cyclist Greg Henderson. Greg has himself a Twitter account and shared what he called a “quad off” between German cyclists Andre Greipel (L) and Robert Förstemann (R).

Here was Henderson’s tweet that stated the obvious about the results of this quad off:

Greipel lost is an understatement, but I’m not hating on the man because I think just about everyone would lose to those freakish quads from outer space – or Germany… Let’s take a close-up look at Förstemann’s insane upper-leg muscles:

Cyclist Robert Fortsermann and his absurd quads

To find out more about the rest of Robert you can check out his Wiki page here.