Psychic medium Allison Dubois blames her drunken, mean behavior on RHBH on editing

Medium Allison Dubois on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Psychic medium Allison Dubois apparently didn’t see her public stoning when she got smashed and fired off vicious insults and curses at Kyle Richards during a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills dinner party hosted by Camille Grammer.

The psychic, who had the television show Medium based around her, and claims to talk to dead people and see into the future, threw menacing looks at Kyle while she theatrically sucked on cocktails and an electronic cigarette. Now she says that how she looked on the show was all chocked up to “editing” on Bravo’s part.

Here’s a statement she published on her website:

“I aired in an episode of HW of BH that was to say the least, in my opinion, recklessly edited and was not representative of what actually happened that night nor who I am. I was there only as support for my friend Camille who had told me how painful her interaction with the other housewives was and it was making her physically ill. I’m very protective of my friends/family and was there to support my friend.”

It’s true that there is a lot of editing done on these Housewives shows to emphasize drama and crazy, but the fact is they don’t put words in your mouth.

Here are some things Allison said that can’t be chocked up to editing:

About Kyle’s husband Mauricio (to her face): “Your husband will never emotionally fulfill you. Ever. Know that. As soon as the kids are bigger, you’ll have nothing in common.”

Behind Kyle’s back: “Kyle’s a little bitch. She’s a little bitch. She is. She’s the ring leader. She’s all yap-yap-yap-yap-yap. Kyle was every girl at a high school who made somebody kill themselves. She’s that chick.”

Gloating about knowing when and how Kyle will die: “My dad said live life large and make no apologies for who you are. F**k them. I don’t give a sh** what she says about me! She can f**k off. I can tell you when she will die, and what will happen to her family. I love that about me!”

What she would do if Kyle or any of the other girls who left the party lost a child: “Can i just say this: If any of their children disappeared they wouldn’t be like, ‘You were wrong,’ they’d be, like, ‘Can you help?’ Pssh, f**k them!”

Click here to see video of the infamous dinner party.