Porsha Stewart before and after boob job photos

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Porsha Stewart has been turning heads with a more voluptuos body, but she hasn’t spoken openly about getting a breast augmentation yet. Dr. Simone Whitmore and Andy Cohen let the secret out during Watch What Happens Live Sunday night.

“I didn’t think she needed the new b00bs, but she’s very hot,” Andy commented and Dr. Whitmore replied “A woman can always use some new b00bs, Andy!” Andy replied “I love a b00b. I do.” Porsha has played coy about her surgical enhancements, but hasn’t been shy about showing them off. On this clip of 106 & Park she owns up to having plastic surgery “recently,” but tells the host she has to guess which kind. When she guesses “b00b” Porsha says her mother told her to not say that word, and that she would not say what she got done unless the host said the “right word.”

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