PHOTOS Who is Snooki’s friend Ryder? Meet Caitlin Ryder from Jersey Shore

Ryder Snooki

Jersey Shore had its Season 5 premiere earlier tonight and in addition to the six Guidos and Guidettes we’ve all grown to know and love, the return to Seaside Heights also meant the return of some of the shows most infamous secondary characters including corny horny Uncle Nino, The Situation’s brother from another mother Jonny “The Unit” Manfre, and Snooki’s super sexy gal pal Ryder.

Ryder made a big splash with her return as she instantly began pitching her Guidette woo all over the place, eventually winding up in the Smoosh Room with Pauly D, much to the chagrin of the Pauly D obsessed Deena. Ryder’s hook up resume already included Vinny Guadagnino and that gave Pauly pause… for a moment. Eventually he would proclaim, “Whether you’re the first man in or the last man in… Ryder!”

Jersey Shore Ryder

So who is this DTF brunette bombshell? Her name is Caitlin Ryder and she’s a close friend of Snooki. (You might remember her previous appearance on the show when she was a blond.) Ryder is a college student at SUNY New Paltz where she is a member of the women’s field hockey team, or at least she was in 2010. She tweeted on January 4 “Time to get organized… School starts in just a few weeks! :o)” so I assume she is still enrolled.

She tweeted back in December that she had three jobs, so she is apparently a hard-workin’ gal. And don’t think for a second that she’s lacking upstairs – she states on her Facebook page that she’s an “undercover dork” and writes, “math and science were my best subjects ( nerd alert )”

I could never step out on my first Jersey Shore love JWoww (partly because she will always be my Guidette one and only, and partly because I am afraid of what she might do to me) but let me say that I would have to disagree with Ronnie who said of Pauly D’s hook up with Ryder, “I don’t like sloppy 23rds.” I’d take a number a lot higher than that and wait my turn! 😉

Jersey Shore Ryder bikini photo

I’m just sayin!

Want to knwo more about Ryder and keep up with her activities in the off season? Here are her Facebook and Twitter accounts:!/Ryder__

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