PHOTOS Who is Hannah Hurwitz from “Pregnant in Heels?”

Pregnant in Heels Hannah hurwitz in her Bravo publicity shot

Bravo is set to premiere a new reality show Pregnant in Heels on April 5th following The Real Housewives of Miami live reunion show. The show centers around pregnancy and maternity guru Rosie Pope, a former model who has created an empire that is all things “having a baby.”

As we’ve come to learn from all these reality shows a Rosie can’t do her thing without the trusty assistant keeping her and the business in order. For Rosie her right-hand woman is the lovely Miss Hannah Hurwitz. I did a little sleuthing around these here interwebs and put together a profile post for Hannah.

First up lets check out Bravo’s bio on Rosie’s riveting go-to-gal:

Pregnant in Heels assistant Hannah HurwitzRosie Pope’s right hand girl for the last two years, Hannah Hurwitz assists Rosie with all aspects of her business. She lives in New York City with two of her younger sisters and around the corner from her younger brother. After getting her Bachelors Degree at Trinity College, she attended the New York School for Interior Design. After grad school, Hannah worked in advertising but soon left to pursue her love of fashion. “After meeting Rosie I realized how complex the maternity fashion business was, and since I already have so much experience growing up surrounded by babies, it was a perfect fit!”

Apparently maternity fashion isn’t Hannah’s only passion and calling.  She is also a highly motivated philanthropic soul as well.  She has a personal profile through Global Goodness, Inc. who’s mission statement reads as follows:

“Global Goodness, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 by students at New York University and Hamilton College. We work to help improve literacy in some of the world’s poorest countries by providing educational materials to schools and students in need. Our goal is to give children access to ideas, knowledge and the literacy skills necessary to work toward better futures for themselves and their communities.”

From what I’ve been able to gather about Global Goodness, it’s a motivated and inspirational group of like minded people who have that rare trait of actually believing in being able to make a difference in the world we live in.  Here is the bio information for Hannah in regards to her role and passion for this work:

My name is Hannah Hurwitz. Originally from New Haven, CT, I’ve been living, working, and going to school in Manhattan for the past four and a half. I have a B.A. in English Literature from Trinity College in Hartford, CT. During college I was a news editor for the school paper and wrote bar and restaurant reviews for the Hartford Courant. I also have a degree from the New York School of Interior Design. Currently, I manage a maternity clothing store on the Upper East Side.

For the past several years, I have been an active volunteer at an organization in lower Manhattan called Sanctuary for Families. Sanctuary helps families who are fleeing domestic abuse. The families (most are refugees from Africa, South America, and Asia) are given emergency housing, legal aid, and many other services to enable them to make good lives for themselves in the city. I have been tutoring a young girl at Sanctuary for the past year, and watching her confidence grow has been the most rewarding part of my life since moving to New York.

Despite my varied career and school paths, social service has been a constant in my life since a very young age. I remember collecting toys the week before Christmas from my fifth grade class to give to children who wouldn’t otherwise get presents that year. It gave me an amazing sense of purpose to know that I could make some sort of a difference, even a small one. I learned about Global Goodness from my sister Sarah who is studied in Ghana in fall 2009. I am so excited to be a part of an organization that is making a difference in a big way by giving the priceless gift of education.

It’s apparent that we are not dealing with your typical fame hunting reality cast member.  She just so happens to love fashion and was fortunate enough to team up with a major player in the world of maternity fashion, Rosie Pope.  If you’re interested in finding out more about Global Goodness I encourage you to check out their engaging site here.

Here are a few links for Hannah:

Twitter: Recently created but this Hannah follows Rosie andTrinity Alumni as well so for now I think this is our gal here.

Facebook: Here.

Myspace: As are most of our MySpace accounts it’s a little dusty and hasn’t been updated in a long time.  But here it is anyways.  I was able to round up one old photo of Hannah tagged via this account.  She’s on the far right:

To find out more about the show you can head over to the official Pregnant in Heels Bravo page here.