Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick to release song “I’m Hot!”

Angelina Pivarnick I'm Hot single

After leaving the inaugural season of Jersey Shore early and seemingly missing out on her one shot at fame, Angelina Pivarnick got a second chance when she was invited back by MTV for Season 2 of the smash hit reality series.

The brunette Guidette did all she was supposed to do – get drunk, stir up a bunch of drama, slap The Situation, sleep with Vinnie – but it apparently wasn’t enough because poor Angelina was replaced by Deena Nicole Cortes for Season 3.

But, if we’ve learned anything during her season and a half on Jersey Shore it’s that Angelina is annoying persistent! Apparently her pursuit of fame is no exception as Ms. Pivarnick just announced via Twitter that she will be releasing a single called “I’m Hot” next month! Here’s exactly what Agelina tweeted late last night:

Angelina Pivarnick announces on Twitter she will release the single "I'm Hot"

Breaking News: My first single “I’m Hot” will drops next month on Itunes!!!! I’m so EXCITED!!!!

“I’m Hot” is a electro pop/hip hop track. U gonna love it!!!

UPDATE – The song has been released! Here’s a 53-second snippet first uncovered by TMZ:

UPDATE UPDATE – The full song is now available, and here it is! (You can also download it from amazon!)

And we finally get to see the actual artwork!

Artwork for Angelina Pivarnick's single I'm Hot

Here are the Angelina Pivarnick “I’m Hot” lyrics from the preview clip:

I’m hot, so hot, I’d like an ice cream cone with a cherry on top,
And I got, a lot, no, I won’t stop till I pop to the top,
I take a shot, it hits the spot, then dance a lot until I drop,
I shop and shop, I just can’t stop, I even have to …

People diss me, try to dismiss me, wave for me then they say they miss me
Girls get jealous, boys wanna kiss me, damn, their eyes are keeping busy,
Some will chase, try to wrap my case, match my pace then run the race
You can’t replace or crowd my space,
So step off bitch or I’ll punch your face

By the way, is there and award for lamest celebrity Twitter photo? If so I think Angelina gets my nomination for this 2004 MySpace dandy:

Angelina Pivarnick's Twitter photo