Bethenny Frankel’s third, and final? Bravo show NOT called “Bethenny Goes L.A.”

Bethenny Frankel has landed a talk show deal, and will also have a third installment of her Bravo reality show, which changes names each time. It started with Bethenny’s Getting Married?, followed up with Bethenny Ever After, and now she has a third installment, which was first reported by The Huffington Post to be Bethenny Goes L.A., but was confirmed on Bethenny’s Twitter as NOT the title of the show. Maybe it’s just a second season of Bethenny Ever After? No matter what it’s called, we can’t wait!

These sound like the titles of a Y.A. novel series, but they’re the reality chronicles of a funny, frank, neurotic lady who didn’t find personal or career success until she was 40. It’s a Cinderella story of sorts, and Bethenny’s got a loyal base of followers who use her products, or relate to her life in some way.

Bethenny Goes L.A. is expected to be the last of B.’s reality show, but she’s also launching a talk show with the help of Ellen DeGeneres. The pilot’s already been shot, and the producers love it.

An insider told Naughty Rob at the HuffPost Celeb “Telepictures couldn’t be happier with the pilot Bethenny shot. They know they have discovered the next great talk show host and it’s Bethenny,” a TV insider tells me. “This is 100 percent on the fast track. Plus, with Ellen behind her this will be huge.”