PHOTOS Real Housewives of Miami Cristy Rice’s Bri Bri Boutique

Real Houswives of Miami Cristy Rice owns Bri Bri Boutique

In addition to her quality naps and looking after her three kids Real Housewives of Miami’s Cristy Rice spends quite a bit of her time and energy focused on running her South Miami clothing store Bri Bri Boutique. The store shares its unique name with Cristy’s vibrant and beautiful daughter Bri Bri.  I was able to find out some info and links for the RHoM’s business and thought I’d share this brief write up so you can have a good idea of what takes up so much of Cristy’s time.

Bri Bri Boutique is considered a South Miami store, the physical location for the boutique is 7320 Southwest 57th Avenue, South Miami, FL.

***UPDATE: Cristy was kind enough to let us know via Twitter that Bri Bri is online only now:

The boutique has its own website which you can visit here.  The home page features a graphic layout that lets you navigate to different parts of the store.  A variety of clothing, jewelry and accessories are listed via the site.  Prices from Bri Bri range from $150 for select jewelry to $75 for hand-woven bags to $60 for assorted tops and dresses. These are beyond reasonable prices for Miami I’m told!

Cristy has also launched a Facebook page for Bri Bri Boutique which you can check out here.  The FB page features some of the same items as listed on the store’s official website plus many more.  So far Cristy has stayed up to date in making posts on recent featured items and deals of the day.  There is also a great gallery of photos including a comprehensive list of items for sale.

Here’s one of the photos from Bri Bri’s Facebook page of Christy doing a little celebrating out front.  Not sure what the occasion was, but hey It’s Miami who needs a reason to celebrate right?

Cristy Rice celebrates in front of her clothing store Bri Bri Boutique

Looks like Cristy has herself a fun and fashionable (online) boutique.  You’ve got to love the name and respect the dedication it takes to run a business as a single mom of three.