PHOTOS Now there is a ‘Selfie Spoon’ for you to take selfies while eating cereal

Selfie Spoon 2

To everyone who has ever lamented the impossibility of taking a really top-shelf selfie while eating from a bowl of cereal at the same time: Your prayers have, at long last, been answered. The Selfie Spoon is now a thing. No, really: The creators of the Selfie Spoon are insistent that you believe them; it even says “Really a Thing!” under the Selfie Spoon’s list of attributes on the stick’s web site, right there between “People Will Like Your Photos!” and “#SelfieSpoon.”

Selfie Spoon 3

In case you were wondering, the answer is yes: the Selfie Spoon is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a 30-inch selfie stick with a spoon attachment on one end. Just affix your camera to the camera end, dip the spoon into the nearest bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, put the spoon into your mouth, and the Selfie Spoon does the rest! (Except for uploading the picture.)

Why Cinammon Toast Crunch? No real reason, except that the makers of the Selfie Spoon would prefer that you only use their product on the delicious, otherworldly ambrosia that is Cinammon Toast Crunch. No official word yet on whether the Selfie Spoon is a Cinnamon Toast Crunch marketing gimmick, but, given that the product’s URL is, and that it’s completely free aside from the cost of shipping and handling, a marketing gimmick seems a safe bet.

Selfie Spoon 1

Whoever the folks behind the Selfie Spoon are, they can count savvy promoters among their number. There’s only a limited number of Selfie Spoons released each day; once they’re out, you have to wait for the next day’s batch to try and order one.

So the real questions here are: Are you interested in a Selfie Spoon–or, practically speaking, a purple selfie stick with an eating utensil on it? Or is this yet another corporate attempt at making something appear silly and organic?


(Photo credits: Selfie Spoon screenshots via Selfie Spoon)

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