PHOTOS New Tiger Woods mistress! Adult film star Devon James!

Devon James mistress of Tiger Woods

It appears as though Tiger Woods’ return to golf at The Masters next month has been like one last shake of the ol’ mistress tree, and another straggler fell out today in the form of 29-year-old pro ho Devon James.

The lusty, busty and never rusty James gave a radio interview in which she claims Tiger paid her and a friend $2,000 each for three-way “dirty” sex in 2006. (Menage-a-Tiger? Par three? Triple Bogey? Three Woods?)

Apparently the introduction was a short, “Hi, I’m Tiger. Nice to meet you,” before getting down to business. (Perhaps a homonym typo in that quote? It could also read “Hi, I’m Tiger. Nice to meat you.” Hi-Ohhhhhh!!) Immediately after Tiger asked for Devon’s personal number and she says the affair continued until 2008.

Devon James has quite the resume, appearing in numerous quality video productions – all of which have the term “MlLF.” I described Devon earlier as a “pro ho” and I meant that literally. Devon is apparently one of the handful of legitimate, completely legal pro hos in the United States. That’s right, she apparently works at the legal cat house outside of Las Vegas called The Bunny Ranch, at least according to their website. Here’s Devon’s profile from

Devon James' Bunny Ranch profile

That’s pretty cool! You might not be able to get a round in at Augusta National, but you can play at least one of the same holes as Tiger for the right price!

Devon joins adult film stars Joslyn James and Holly Sampson on the still growing list of Tiger Woods mistresses. (We have to assume that the other third of the threesome Devon describes will surface at some point as well.) Need a refresher course in Tiger Woods mistressology? Be sure to check out our handy dandy Tiger Woods Mistress Scorecard – and easy-to-read reference with pictures and brief bios of all the Tigresses.

What Tiger Woods' threesome with Devon James looke like afterword
How the Devon James menage a trois looked to Tiger immediately after

Devon’s addition to Tiger’s dirty laundry list of dalliances is certain to decrease the chances that his wife Elin Nordegren will be in attendance when he makes his grand return at The Masters in early April. It has been reported that the one thing Elin was having extreme difficulty forgiving was the fact that Tiger had slept with a porn star. D’oh!

If you want to see more, or should I say all, of Miss Devon James, you can visit her website at (Of course it is not safe for work and also not safe for marriages to Swedish trophy wives.)

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