PHOTOS My Big Fat Native American Gypsy Wedding? Sondra Celli responds to bride and groom head dresses

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Hunter Native American wedding dress

TLC announced late last month that their over-the-top Swarovskipalooza reality series My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding would be back on July 17, and it looks like dress maker Sondra Celli is pulling out all the stops yet again!

In the first promotional images for the show we get to meet bride Hunter and groom Dalton completely decked out in matching Native American attire for their special day:

MBFAGW Native American wedding dress

We have no information on Hunter and Dalton’s episode yet, but I can only assume at least one of them is of Native American descent — otherwise, the episode is sure to garner even more controversy than the show is used to!

UPDATE – Vincent Schilling with Indian Country Today Media Network spoke with dress maker Sondra Celli about the bride and groom’s outfits and she revealed that the groom does claim to be of Native American descent, but not the bride. She also clarifies that she did not make the groom’s outfit, and that it was ordered “from an authentic Native American company.”

So what about the bride? “She is a gypsy,” Sondra says. “Hunter is a cowgirl and would not give up her boots. I told her, ‘I am going to Sondra Celli you up’ and I made her a Native American-inspired dress.”

Sondra is asked whether or not she fears that she and the show will be accused of cultural appropriation over the bridal wear. “I said ‘inspired’ through the whole show. I never said it was authentic Native American clothing, not once,” Sondra points out. “I don’t find a problem with putting something inspired from the beauty of Native American clothes on someone who is not Native American. They should be honored that we think their clothing is so beautiful, that we took some of the colors from it.”

“Every designer from all over the world has taken ideas from Native Americans,” she continues. “I’ve taken the idea of kimonos from Japan and they are rhinestoned. I never say they are Japanese kimonos. I say they are inspired.”

“This is a TV show, so you have to take it for what it is. I do not believe this dishonors people. I would never do that.” Sondra adds that creating the brides Native American inspired wedding dress and head dress shouldn’t anger Native Americans, but should be admired. “As much as I admire their craft, I think they should admire the fact that I took the ideas that they have and turn it into something modern for someone who is not Native American.”

It appears that most of the more than 700 comments left on the ICTMN Facebook post sharing their original MBFAGW episode post do not agree with Sondra. CLICK HERE to read the full Sondra Celli interview at ICTMN.

In addition to their wedding outfits, Hunter and Dalton also posed for some casual snaps in which she wears a headband made of flowers, along with face paint:

MBFAGW Season 5 Hunter face paint

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding 2016 episode Hunter

Hunter apparently didn’t get the memo about the engagement shoot theme:

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Hunter and Dalton

But enough about the groom’s attire: My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding is all about the bridal wear! Here is a photo of Hunter’s dress in Sondra Celli’s shop from the couple’s wedding registry page:

MBFAGW Hunter's Native American wedding dress made by Sondra Celli

That headdress has a train! And look at those matching boots!

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Season 5 premieres Sunday, July 17 at 10/9c on TLC — CLICK HERE TO WATCH A PREVIEW CLIP! Although I’ve so far been unable to verify it, I believe Hunter will be featured in the third episode, which should air on Sunday, July 31.

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