PHOTOS Miley Cyrus visits Amsterdam’s Green House Coffeeshop, which is actually popular pot joint

Miley Cyrus Greenhouse Coffeeshop

Miley Cyrus was in Amsterdam yesterday and opted to indulge in one of the city’s best treats: pancakes! The Bangerz singer was photographed with friend DJ Afrojack at the local Pancake House before getting the reverse munchies and heading over to Green House Coffeeshop.

Unlike Pancake House, Green House Coffeeshop’s name is actually misleading. Although the shope sells beans, Greenhouse is best known as a cannabis retailer that has “bio organic,” “hydro weed” and “haze weed” on the menu.


The upscale shop is popular among locals and celebrities…

“Arjan’s achievements didn’t go unnoticed and in 1995, High Times put him on the front cover of their magazine. This led to a great migration of smokers from all over the world to come visit the Green House to sample the worlds best cannabis created by Arjan. The first celebrities started showing up at the Green House and asked if they could pose on photographs with him, the King of Cannabis. Arjan then started hanging their pictures on the wall, and before he knew it, there was a celebrity at the Green House on a very regular basis. Today he counts more than 100 A-List celebrities that have visited the Green House.”

There is even a page on Green House’s website with a few dozen photos of celebrities posing with the King of Cannabis. Some of the more recognizable faces include Pink, Quentin Tarantino, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Eminem and — of course — Snoop Lion. Now the store can add Miley’s picture to the hall of fame.

Miley Cyrus Amsterdam - Pancake House

According to photographers, Miley and her friends spent three hours in Green House.

Miley Cyrus Greenhouse Amsterdam

Miley’s Twitter account went silent during that period and there weren’t any pictures of her actually lighting up. But she did seem to hint at what was the come while hanging out at the Pancake House earlier in the night…

Miley Cyrus Amsterdam - Greenhouse

Although Miley’s extracurricular activities were legal in Amsterdam, she’s now back in New York City — where any hash souvenirs would be illegal.

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