PHOTOS Lady Gaga’s on-again boyfriend Luc Carl

Luc Carl

It appears as though Lady Gaga has reconciled with her former boyfriend, Luc Carl. (Actually, according to his MySpace profile, there’s a Spin̈al-Tap-style umlaut over the u.) Lüc Carl is a bartender and musician living in Brooklyn and believed to be the inspiration for most of the songs on Gaga’s breakthrough debut album “The Fame.”


“Gaga’s first album is entirely about their relationship and her latest song, ‘You and I,’ is about how they got back together,” adds the source. “They’ve been in love for a while.”

If the song’s lyrics are any indication, Gaga intends to keep her man close by: “It’s been a long time but I’m back in town/But this time I’m not leaving without you,” she sings.

Lady Gaga performed in New York this morning in front of a record crowd as part of The Today Show Summer Concert Series and played a new song called, “You and I” which she said “was written about the most important person I ever met.” All signs point to Lüc, which must be a real drag for less important people Gaga has met like Queen Elizabeth II, Bruce Springsteen and Al Roker. (Watch videos and see lots of photos from her fantastic rain-drenched performances HERE.)

The reconciliation rumors began when Lady Gaga and Lüc were spotted together at a New York Mets game on June 10th, 2010.

Here are some more photos of the “Taco Nazi” bartender and rocker Lüc Carl from his MySpace Page promoting his controversial “Drunk Diet” book and blog that seem to demonstrate he also has a flair for eccentric fashion

Luc Carl boyfriend of Lady Gaga

Luc Carl ex-boyfriend and current boyfriend of Lady Gaga

Luc Carl eating wine-covered Cheerios