PHOTOS! – Katie Couric dancing Facebook pics from 2006 “Four Martini Minimum” celebration for gig on CBS Evening News

Katie Couric gets low dancing pics

The folks at uncovered some Facebook pics that reveal the party side of Katie Couric! They were found under the album title “Four Martini Minimum” and smack of the moves a hot, yet desperatedly white MILF makes when she has a daquiri and lets her hair down.

These celebratory moves were reportedly inspired by Couric’s new job as a CBS Evening News anchor. I bet even in this sheets to the wind state Katie could stump Sarah Palin. Or maybe it would be more friendly. I can see it now. Katie Couric meets Sarah Palin in a bar and asked what type of liquor she drinks. Sarah replies “All of ’em” and then they giddily throwback shots of everything behind the bar and end up making a sex tape, boosting both of their careers into the stratosphere.

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