PHOTOS Gretchen Rossi’s patriotic American flag bikini at Bare Pool Lounge in Las Vegas

Gretchen Rossi in a sexy American flag bikini

It’s hard to get any more patriotic than a California girl in an American flag bikini! And that’s exactly what pool-goers in Las Vegas were treated to when The Real Housewives of Orange County‘s Gretchen Rossi arrived to host the Bare Pool Lounge 4th of July Weekend party at The Mirage!

Gretchen showed off her very thin and very curvy figure in a blinged out two-piece that featured red and white stripes up top and a single large white star in the Slade Smiley zone. And just so you know that when we write about something we cover it forwards and backwards, here’s another photo of Gretchen from behind showing off some of the best buns in reality television!

Gretchen's Rossi's American flag bikini at the Bare Pool Lounge 4th of July party

What is that pseudo-wedgy look she’s got going on there?!? I don’t wanna like it but I doooo!!!

Gretchen has been promoting her appearance at the Bare Pool Lounge (which is an adult-only facility) and even shared and image of the promotional poster similar to the graphic featured in the top picture:

Gretchen Rossi hosting the Bare Pool Lounge 4th of July Weekend party at The Mirage in Las Vegas 2011

And here’s what Gretchen had to say about her bikini and the party on her Facebook wall from just a little while ago:

Happy Fourth of July Weekend Everyone! Hope everyone is safe and has a great weekend! I am headed to Bare Pool right now! My bikini is amazing! Infamous Marco Marco custom designed it for me! Can’t wait to show you guys pictures of my blinged out American Flag Bikini!

Kudos kudos to Marco Marco! (If Gretchen had made it I would have to start to wonder what if Betsy Ross’s real name wasn’t actually Betsy Rossi.)

And just because I know ahead of time that readers are going to want a closer look at that bikini bling, here’s a zoomed in looooooooooong last look for you:

Gretchen Rossi wears a sexy American flag bikini to the Bare Pool Lounge 4th of July party

Photos: Greg McFalls/London Ent/Splash

UPDATE – Thanks to the good folks at WENN we now have lots more photos! Click on the thumbnails for larger images:

Additional: Judy Eddy/