Small Town Security’s Irwin and Joan Koplan throwback photos

Irwin Koplan Joan Koplan Small Town Security

AMC’s cult favorite reality series Small Town Security returns tonight at 11/10c. In celebration of our favorite batch of eccentric peace keepers making their return to the small screen, we though we’d share some throwback photos of Joan and Irwin Koplan from their rowdier days.

Smalltown Security Joan Koplan Irwin Koplan throwback photo

Above we see a professional portrait of the couple plus a cat, and below we keep the “meowwwww” theme going with a bikini photo of younger Joan:

Joan Koplan bikini throwback photo

And how about a little “Me Tarzan, you Joan” action? You betcha!

Joan Koplan sexy Tarzan throwback photo

Now those are some suhpeecy, suhpicey meatballs!

If you haven’t seen Small Town Security, it’s a hilarious and entertaining glimpse into the lives of the eccentric owners and employees of a small town security firm in Georgia. It airs Tuesday nights at 11/10c on AMC.

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