VIDEO Joseph and Kendra Duggar announce she is pregnant

Counting On Joe and Kendra Duggar pregnant announcement

Jill and Derick Dillard’s Counting On replacements Kendra and Joseph Duggar are delivering on the expectations of fans who were “counting on” them getting pregnant right away as they just officially announced Kendra is pregnant with their first child!

“We have some exciting news,” Kendar announces in the couples TLC Me clip. “”We’re expecting,” Joseph adds.

22-year-old dad-to-be Joseph says “I’ve always dreamed of having my own family, and it’s really just kind of surreal that it’s actually here.” Joseph and Kendra continue with the Counting On birth announcement formula by speculating on the sex of the baby.

“I kinda think it’s gonna be a boy,” says Joseph, “but either way I’m happy just to have a baby.”

19-year-old teen-mom-to-be Kendra says “I think it could be a girl. You never know.”

Joseph Duggar and Kendra Duggar holding hands

“I hope that the baby has Kendra’s laugh,” Joseph adds. “Awww, you’re so sweet,” Kendra responds along with the “tee hee hee” that Joseph wants for their child. Kendra says she wants their baby to have lots of patience like Joe before revealing that the best advice she has received about being pregnant is to get lots of sleep.

The couple concludes their announcement by letting us know they are excited to share their journey on the new season of Counting On, which returns in the spring of 2018. (It’s unclear when Kendra is due.)

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