Jwoww being sued by ex Thomas Lippolis

Jersey Shore’s resident hottie Jwoww, real name Jenni Farley, is finding herself on the wrong friggin’ end of a lawsuit.

The dude who is trying to creep on some of Jwoww’s hard earned bank is her ex boyfriend Thomas “Sour Grapes” Lippolis.  The papers filed and subsequently unearthed by TMZ are stuffed full of your usual, “I helped this person get rich and I’m still a nobody” type of claims and accusations.  Lippolis is arguing among other things that he was her business manger as well as her hook-up and that he was responsible for lining up her MTV gig, as well as her endorsements of a tanning salon and even a plastic surgeon.

So how much does Mr. Twoww want for his hard work and suffering?  He and his lawyers think a cool $350,000 will do the trick.  As for the lawsuit, sources close to the reality star are saying that she is adamant that Lippolis had nothing to do with her MTV contract and that he was justly compensated for anything he did make happen.

Top Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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