PHOTOS – Britney Spears looks amazing and happy in Paris

Happy Britney Spears good weave

Britney Spears was snapped in Paris today coming out of the Westin Hotel full of happiness, bluebirds, and butterflies.

Not only was she fresh-faced and grinning, but her weave has never looked better. (Maybe helping this homeless dude get some of her music has really give her that extra “spark” and helped her weave perk up like it smelled a fresh caramel Frappuccino somewhere.)

Her personal life has been doing well too! Her baby boys are growing up (and mostly away from the spotlight.) She hasn’t had made a public mess of herself in years, and she’s in a steady, long-term relationship with Jason Trawick. Her album Femme Fetale topped the charts in April, and she was honored at the VMAs, and homeless men are buying her CDs with their begging money before even splurging on booze and food.

She even recently told ITV1 Daybreak, “I’m in a very good place. I’m busy, I’m doing what I love, my family is great… I’m finding my whole click with life.”

Get it, Brit Brit. Life’s good.

Gotta love this gorgeous pic:
Britney Spears hair pretty weave


Damn, it feels good to be a pop star:
Britney Spears cute happy


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