PHOTOS Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are matching outfits close now

Ashton and Mila pull for the bears

The evolution of the dating status between former That 70’s Show stars Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis has now reached epic proportions.

The two A-List celebs openly strolled the streets of New York City wearing matching t-shirts. Yes. Milton went there!

Last week the couple was photographed getting all cuddly and PDA-like in Central Park. Now, furthering their own real-life Nora Ephron film, they’ve went next level by going the matching ensemble route.

Mila and Ashton head out in matching Chicago Bears t-shirts

The two went out to catch the Chicago Bears game at a local sports bar and after that they made their way to an ice cream parlor in the West Village. Kutcher is a monster Bears fan and I’m assuming Mila likes ice cream.

These two are like that couple now, you know, the one we’re all friends with and really enjoy until we’re single and then, not so much. I bet they totally finish each others sentences. 🙂

I guess it’s been in the cards a long time between Kelso and Jackie.

Photos: Bart/Wylde / Splash News