PHOTOS Adrianne Curry dressed as Princess Leia; molested at ‘Star Wars Celebration V’

Adrianne Curry as Princess Leia at Star Wars Celebration V
Adrianne Curry as Princess Leia at Star Wars Celebration V. Showing a little humor after her terrible attack, Adrianne tweeted this photo today with the caption, “when a Gamorrean loves a woman….some men are just PIGS! Drooling pigs!”

Model Adrianne Curry, winner of the first season of America’s Next Top Model and wife of Peter Brady actor Christopher Knight, is one of the biggest Star Wars fans in the universe! The sexy 28-year-old shares her passion by igniting the passions of fanboys dressed as Princess Leia or as an Imperial Officer at conventions around the world.

That’s exactly what she was doing in Orlando this weekend when she donned her famous Star Wars costumes for fans at Star Wars Celebration V. But her fun weekend turned horrible early Sunday morning when a man “molested” her outside of her hotel.

According to a series of tweets made by Curry following the incident she contacted 911 after a drunk man reached up her skirt and tried to attack her over and over again and “shove his figers [sic] in my holes.” Adrianne said via Twitter, “I not only elbowed the guy in the face, I spit on him , screamed, and my friends cracked his head on the pavement more than 5 times.
This encounter between Adrianne Curry and Jar Jar Binks foreshadowed her encounter this weekend with another despicable character.

Adrianne did not sustain serious enough injuries to require hospitalization, but she did get cut according to this tweet from earlier today: “I am ok, have some bruising downstairs and a cut, cause i think he had his keys in his hand when he did it…but I am ok..

While Adrianne has decided not to press charges at this point, citing the impracticality and cost of pursuing the case out of state, two of her friends did press charges and the man was arrested. At 3:40 AM she tweeted “cops are here..molesting pervert drunk in the back of their car…going to bed!

Adrianne Curry as an Imperial officer at Star Wars Celebration V
Princess Leia isn’t the only sexy Star Wars costume in Adrianne Curry’s ARSEnal. She also makes for a mighty fine Imperial Officer! (Photo: Matt Cross/Typing About Movies)

Unbelievably, her attack has elicited a number of commenters who argue that dressing in a skimpy Princess Leia costume means she was “asking for it.” Needless to say, Adrianne was incensed by the comments, tweeting this earlier today: “…because it aint enough im sitting here with sore&cut womanhood…i need people attacking me for it..freaks.” That was followed by:

I cant believe people.A woman gets raped,she’s to blame.I get manhandled,&somehow its my fault cause I was dressed as leia @ c5? sick f***s

I guess if thats how you think, ALL slave leais at cons are asking to be molested, and any girl in a bikini at a beach as well.

If it helps at all Adrianne, is squarely in your corner! It’s ridiculous to think men have some sort of “rape allowance” just because a woman is wearing a bikini on the beach or a Princess Leia costume at a convention! Isn’t there some sort of Secret Guard out there that avenges any woman attacked while dressed as Princess Leia?!? I can’t think of a better application for all that light saber practice and ninja training!

Here are a collection of some of the best of the best Adrianne Curry Princess Leia photos that the model has tweeted over the last year or so. Yes, she is VERY sexy – but its in the spirit of fun! You DO NOT have the right to molest her – you can get politely turned down at the bar like everyone else.

Adrianne Curry as Princess Leia
Adrianne Curry dressed as Princess Leia multitasking at the “Dusk ’til Con” party
Good gracious! I never though I would ever say this, but I wish I was Peter Brady! (Click image to enlarge!)

Adrianne Curry as Princess Leia with Stan Lee
Adrianne Curry as Princess Leia with a REAL gentleman (Stan Lee!) who knows how to treat a Leiady!

Adrianne Curry as Princess Leia with Boba Fett and others
Adrianne got a little protection following her attack. She tweeted his photo with the caption, “my boys charles and blaine protected me all day at the con…nice ; )
Adrianne poses with someone very similar to her attacker. (Click photo to enlarge)

Adrianne Curry as a lesbian Princess Leia?!?
Adrianne’s caption for this one? “lovely spooning leia’s…..dont ask” (OK Adrianne – you’ve gone too far! Where are my heart pills?)

This world is a better place when Adrianne Curry is wearing that costume! Curses on you schmuck-o attacker dude! Adrianne you need to start taking up a collection so you can press charges as well on this guy. My guess is that the other two charges won’t be for sexual assault and that’s what he needs to be convicted of. Let us know and we’ll add a link!

Thankfully, Adrianne isn’t letting this unfortunate incident deter her from continuing with her costuming itinerary! You can catch her this Saturday and Sunday at Chicago Comic Con! Show up and show her some support!

All Photos (except Adrianne in her Imperial Officer costume) via Adrianne’s TwitPic