PHOTO VIDEO 3.9 tons of pot discovered in Texas tanker truck

3.9 tons of marijuana found in tanker truck in Texas

Most Texas marijuana arrest stories we report on involve a musician’s tour bus being stopped in Sierra Blanca, Texas and a drug sniffing dog finding half a roach tucked between sofa cushions, but yesterday the motto “everything is bigger in Texas” played out as a state trooper doing a routine commercial vehicle inspection in San Patricio County discovered 7,816 pounds of pot inside a tanker truck!

The 3.9 tons of weed has an estimated street value of $3.4 million. Of course, those of you who know that a ton of marijuana goes for about $872,000 already knew that.

Paul Anthony Simmons mug shot after arrest for driving tanker truck with 3.9 tons of marijuana pot

The driver of the truck, 45-year-old Paul Anthony Simmons of Robstown (above), is being held on $1 million bond.

No more details about the origins of the shipment or the destination were released, but I’m guessing there is and extremely disappointed long-haired country singer in Austin right about now. I think I’ve now figured out that “milk cow” is a code word for tanker full of weed: