PHOTO Teen Mom’s Kieffer Delp as ‘Hamburglar Delper’

Kieffer Delp as Hamburglar Delper

If you missed the recent news, Kieffer Delp, the on again, off again trouble making boyfriend of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was cited for trying to steal steak from an Oak Island Food Lion. It reignited my desire to have the word ‘delper’ inserted into the English language. So far I haven’t had too much success (maybe associating with Delp isn’t the correct avenue to success) but I figured that perhaps a visual might help so I present to you, Hamburglar Delper!

In every photo I’ve seen of Delp, a bunch of them being mug shots, he always seems uninspiring but as Hamburglar Delper he takes on a comic book villain type of vibe. You know he could be used in Food Lion training videos to help prevent shoplifting. I can hear it now:

“Ralph, we’ve got a code Hamburglar Delper on the dairy aisle.”

Jenelle hasn’t made any comments about the arrest yet but she was recently seen out in Los Angeles filming a reunion show and she looked healthy and for my taste pretty darn hot!

If Delp were to be a comic book villain his secret abode would have to be the Brunswick County Courthouse. The first movie to feature Hamburglar Delper could be called The Dark Knight Lounges, Steak Out or The Green Hoodie. And the hero of this blockbuster would be?

Why Jace “Shades” of course!

Jenelle Evans son Jace Shades

I’m not sure what his super powers would be other than being adorable and looking cool in shades but I know the ladies would line up around the block just to get in. For a taste of what the film might look like check this clip out:

Robble, robble!