Deandre Cortez Way a.k.a. Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em arrested in Atlanta suburb for running from police

Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em, real name Deandre Cortez Way, was arrested and charged with obstruction in McDonough, GA, a suburb of Atlanta, Wednesday night. Police had been called to an abandoned house in McDonough because of noise issues, and when they arrived about 40 people fled the scene. Later, 19-year-old Way returned to tell police that they were shooting a music video.

He was immediately arrested because he had ran from the police to begin with. As one of the officers said, “He just ran from the police, and then he decided to come back,” Bolton said.

Soulja Boy is no longer in police custody, and is set to perform at the Sprite Step Off competition at Morehouse College this weekend. Two years ago Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em rose to fame with the hit “Crank That.”

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