PHOTO Rob Reiner leaves wake of crazy happy awesome

Rob Reiner and his wake of super awesome joy

Actor and director extraordinaire Rob Reiner is so awesome he leaves a contrail of otherworldy joy and mischief wherever he goes! Check out the photographic proof above, taken of the Reinster heading for a seemingly mundane doctor’s appointment in Beverly Hills earlier today.

His mere presence seems to bend space and time itself, leaving behind a temporal vortex in which reside the jovial spirits from another dimension. Or perhaps they are people from our own dimension simply caught up in the intoxicating passing aura of Meathead? I don’t know the answer (we’ll have to leave that up to the licensed awesomologists) all I know is our world is a better world just behind Rob Reiner!

And just in case the photo wasn’t awesome enough for you, I ran it through the Billie Jeanification filter in Photoshop…

Rob Reiner is starring in a remake of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean music video

Oh yeah! Looks like the internet has its new Chuck Norris!

Photo: V. Labissiere / Splash News

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