PHOTO President Obama dons sparkly tiara for photo with Girl Scouts



President Obama doesn’t often wear headgear of any kind. In fact, it’s sort of a cardinal rule with him, one he established firmly all the way back in April, when members of the Navy football team asked him to put on a helmet they had given him as a gift. “Here’s the general rule: you don’t put stuff on your head if you’re president,” said Obama, with a smile. “That’s Politics 101. You never look good wearing something on your head.” It’s something Kennedy knew, even if he didn’t kill the hat industry, as is often repeated. And Kennedy’s not a bad place to get your Presidential Fashion Tips.

But Obama is way beyond Politics 101, and he knows when it’s a good idea to bend and break rules for good PR. Which is how we get a shot of the President posing with a Girl Scout troop in delicate tiaras:




That’s some prime politicking, right there. White House photographer Pete Souza took the shot in May, but only shared it this week; he’s been making public some of the strongest contenders for his annual Year In Photos. The troop, from Tulsa OK, visited the White House as part of its second-annual Science Fair. They made a flood-proof Lego bridge. And some memories.


(Photo Credits: Pete Souza)

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