PHOTO Mob Wives’ Renee Graziano covers Mob Candy Magazine

Mob Wife Renee Graziano covers Mob Candy Magazine

There are two things about this post that make me very happy. First off is the fact that Mob Wives’ Renee Graziano is looking like a sexy dominatrix and the second is that Mob Candy Magazine is a real thing that exists in this big beautiful world.

Forget the standard issue mags that the Circle K had as an option from my teen years. Gimme some Mob Candy any day! And not only is Renee gracing the cover of Issue 7 Volume 1 but the whole shebang is being called, “The Renee Issue.” How freakin’ awesome is that!?! Yeah I said, “She bangs.”

Renee is obviously not afraid to put her new post surgery look out there and she’s suggested that you go pre-order yours from mafialifeblog. I followed that trail and found out that you can get your hands on an autographed copy. If you follow @MafialifeChris via Twitter he will also be giving out free autographed “The Renee Issues” from time to time based on what he’s calling easy M-dub trivia.

What do you think of Renee’s cover. I can’t lie, it turned me on pal.

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