PHOTO Lady Gaga makes anime eyes in Japan

Lady Gaga with her anime / heiroglyphic eyes in Japan

Lady Gaga wore some rather startling eyeshadow while out and about in a throng of fans in Japan last week, creating the illusion that she had some hieroglyphic-sized peepers! (Say what you will about LG’s style but it takes Cirque du Soleil caliber talent to walk around on 12″ platform boots with her eyes closed in a frenzy of adoring fans.)

Lady Gaga’s owl-eyed venture onto the streets of Japan comes during an extended visit to the country in which the pop star was aiding in relief efforts and attempting to help jump start the country’s tourism industry after the devastating tsunami earlier this year. In addition to performing during the MTV Video Aid concert, Lady Gaga was also in attendance at a press conference with US Ambassador to Japan John V. Roos where she was presented with an Okiagari-koboshi (a small Japanese doll that never falls over – emblematic of Fukushima) by the Commissioner of the Japanese Tourism Agency.

In contrast to her “Bad Romance” over-sized lookity orbs (which created quite the sensation in Japan last year), this time around the effect is achieved when Mother Monster’s eyes are closed with some rather simple eyeliner and mascara application. I’m sure there will be a tutorial video on Youtube soon, but until there is, here’s a viral video teaching you how to achieve that eye-popping “Bad Romance” look:

Photo: Yasuaki Takeuchi / Splash News

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