PHOTO Jerry O’Connell invents ‘Dad-Speedo-Bomb’ thanks to wife Rebecca Romijn’s tweet

Jerry O'Connell Speedo Bomb

Actress Rebecca Romijn is new to the whole Twitter thing which late night host Conan O’Brien was more than glad to highlight when he revealed the above recent tweet she sent out.

As Conan pointed out, her daughters look adorable, but this is not the part of the image that draws one’s attention. Lurking behind the twins is Rebecca’s actor-husband Jerry O’Connell in a pair of Speedos with his head not visible. It’s a perfect new take on the photo-bomb with all kinds of wonderful variances.

You have the cute kids in the foreground, an embarrassing dad in a Speedo just randomly hanging out (and “hanging” out) perfectly in the space behind the children but with face hidden so you aren’t sure it’s him.

“My husband, Jerry O’Connell, is a guy who wears a Speedo on a very regular basis,” she said — labeling Jerry’s fashion accessory “plum smugglers.”

Rebecca and Jerry have been married since 2007 and welcomed their adorable twin daughters Dolly and Charlie you see above (if you can fight the Jerry-berries hypnosis) in December, 2008.

Rebecca is currently starring on TNT’s King & Maxwell while her Speedo-sportin’ hubs is starring on the same network’s hit, Franklin & Bash.

Who knew that someday we’d end up seeing a Speedo photo of Vern from Stand By Me on this thing called the internet.

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