PHOTOS Jenelle Evans makes rumored baby bump disappear with Flat Tummy Tea

Jenelle Evans Flat Tummy Tea pregnant baby bump belly?

Amidst reliable reports that she is currently pregnant again, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has once again riled up her detractors (aka “Hatters”) with side-by-side before-and-after photos (above) promoting Flat Tummy Tea in which she appears to lose a large belly bump after just two weeks of sipping tea.

“SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: One is before my two weeks on the @flattummytea cleanse, one is after,” Jenelle captioned the photos. “2 cups of tea a day (one morning, one at night), some light exercise, a little dedication and ta-da, this is the result. Very happy ?”

I’m not a certified Hatter, but I am a Jenelleologist, and I know that she got her “Nathan” cover-up octopus tattoo in early March — so the photo on the left is definitely from the last few months. Jenelle conveniently flips around for the “after” photo, which cannot be pinned down as far as when it was taken.

I confess I usually enjoy Jenelle’s trolling skills, whether intentional or not, but if she really did use her pregnant belly as a “before” photo to promote Flat Tummy Tea, then (in honor of Shark Week) I think she’s gonna need a bigger boat to keep the Hatter sharks at bay! And I would guess that if she is a paid spokesperson for the product, then they might somehow be liable too? Perhaps it was just bloat and all these concerns are moot. Perhaps it’s none of my concern either way…

Kermit the Frog sipping flat tummy tea

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