PHOTO Is Kenya Moore engaged? That sure looks like an engagement ring

Is Kenya Moore engaged?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Kenya Moore has the Bravoverse all a-twitter after posting the above photo on instagram sporting (very obviously) what appears to be a rather large engagement ring. Kenya dodged mentioning the ring when captioning the photo, writing, “Thanks to my glam team today Mimi and Robbie for giving me life.”

Here’s a zoomed-in image of the ring, though it has been instagramatized to the point where it’s hard to get much clarity:

Kenya Moore's engagement ring photo

Kenya has reportedly been dating some mysterious Nigerian oil tycoon or something, though nobody seems to know anything specific about him. (Can you say Big Poppa II?) So could it be that Kenya has managed to get herself another fiance so soon after breaking things off with fiance-for-hire Walter Jackson? Perhaps she opened an account at Of course a Nigerian oil tycoon sounds more like Kenya’s been suckered into some sort of email scam, which might explain why she seems to have such a hard time paying her rent.

Either way, I’m guessing The Real Housewives of Atlanta fans are going to get a heaping helping of whoever Mr. Kenya is, whether it’s in person or just Kenya talking about him nonstop. And I’m guessing Kenya has her eye on one of those Bravo wedding spin-offs we’re all getting so anesthetized to. They’ll probably go with some sort of “Gone With The Wind Fabulous” title, but I thought I might come up with a few slightly “Moore” creative titles:

Stallion Booty and the Beast
Boy Meets Twirl
Moore to Love

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