PHOTO Honey Boo Boo Alana Thompson visits dad Sugar Bear in the hospital

Honey Boo Boo Alana Thompson and dad Mike Sugar Bear Thompson in the hospital

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo patriarch Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson suffered a boo boo of his own a few weeks ago when he had an accident while riding an ATV. As we reported last week, Sugar Bear was hospitalized for a leg injury and then released, but later got an infection and had to return for an extended treatment of antibiotics.

Sugar Bear eventually had to have surgery to remove some of the infection and is scheduled to be released this week. Meanwhile, he’s going stir crazy in his room as he redneckuperates. But, as I’m sure you can imagine, Sugar Bear has not had to suffer too much alone because the ladies in his life are paying frequent visits to keep him company. The photo above was shared on Alana Thompson’s Facebook page over the weekend along with the caption, “me and sugarbear hanging out at the hospital watching sponge bob.”

And speaking of Alana Thompson’s Facebook page, they have been doing a wonderful job of keeping everyone updated on Sugar Bear’s condition, information we have been passing on to our readers. (You can catch up with previous updates here!)

And here is the latest straight from Mama June Shannon and her friend, who run the page:

September 19:
well we r down here already for sugarbear he will b back there for a lil bit and he is very nervous cause these will b his first ever surgery and im also thinking about austin and his family as he also is having surgery today hopefully both of them have good surgeriesā€¦

just wanted to update sugarbears surgery went great they got all the infection out they had to go down about a cm so not far we r back in the room hanging out and he is being goofy coming off the sedation lol and we will b here til monday or tuesday next wk and just hope austin childers surgery today went just as well

September 20:
oh k daily update on sugarbear the docs came in and said they r very pleased with the surgery and what the antibiotics and the sponge vac is doing the will b taking the sponge out to look at everything and change and hopefully we will b back home by monday fingers crossed cause sugarbear is eager to go home …thanks for everyone wishing him well

September 21:
oh k daily update on sugarbear the docs came in and changed his wound vac dressing and said it looks awesome but we will b here til next wk to finish the iv antiboitics and wait on the round vac for home to come in cause he will have one at home for 2 wks but from the surgery Wednesday til now there is a big difference it looks great and we r happy bout that …but sugarbear is going stir crazy in this hospital and can’t wait to b home

September 22:
daily update on sugarbear docs came in and said he is doing great the wound is healing awesome with the wound vac on and as soon as his wound vac comes in we can go home which will hopefully b by tuesday cause he us ready to go home in his own bed…

September 25:
well sorry no update on sugarbear in two days but its been crazy well first we was hoping to go home today bur nope sugarbears good leg now has to have surgery today his knee is now infected for no reason the infection went from one leg to the other and they r also checking his heart he had a echo and mri done all ready to make sure the infection hasn’t gone anywhere else he is about to go down for surgery soon on his knee will update this has bern a wild ride since last saturday the 17th and I feel no end in sight but I have to b strong for sugarbear and girls all we want is sugarbear to get better and go home but nit til we have all the answers …so we r still staying close to the hospital for support

September 26:

sorry I didn’t update everyone after surgery but it was a very stressful day with everything going on the surgery went great the irrigated the knee it was the start of a small infection but they caught it early which was good got the echo results back this am its was good but now today he will have a scope down his throat to c behind the valves to double check to make sure no infection there finally some good news …SN: Kaitlyn is 2 mths today and its our one hr season finale šŸ™ but I have some exciting news to share with y’all at 12:15 est today..

well we got more awesome [news] sugarbear is able to come home today woohoo so we r mcintrye bound now will b so glad to b home