PHOTO Denise Richards visits NYC, catches bad case of Ramona Singer eyes

Denise Richards has Ramona Singer eyes outside the CNN building in New York City

Model, actress, former Mrs. Charlie Sheen, and recent adopter Denise Richards is making the media rounds in New York City this week and her latest stop was a pop in at the Big Apple CNN studios where she was photographed obviously suffering from a severe case of Ramona eyes!

Just in case you aren’t familiar with The Real Housewives of New York City‘s Ramona Singer and her infamous bulging orbs, here she is modeling them on the runway in an animated gif:

Ramona eyes on the runway animated gif

And just in case you thought these two eye-popping beauties are unconnected I dug up a video clip from Denise Richards’ appearance on Watch What Happens: Live! with Andy Cohen in which Andy asks her to “give him Ramona eyes” during a game called “Clubhouse Catwalk Catfight.” (The whole clip is pretty funny – as usual with Andy’s WWHL games – but if you just want to see the out-of-the-orbinary moment fast forward until there is 55 seconds left.)

Here’s the set up:

Andy: OK, Denise Richards, give me Ramona eyes.

Denise: Oh that’s easy – I got big eyes too!

And then this:

Denise Richards shows Andy Cohen her Ramona Singer eyes on Watch What Happens Live


I am just assuming this is some sort of contagious affliction, but I suppose it could be taken as a threatening territorial gesture by Denise. Perhaps she intends to take over the NYC googly eyes crown while Ramona is out hustling her Pinot Grigio all over the country? I bet you Jill’s in on this!

Let’s take one last look, shall we?

Denise Richards bug eyed photo - tribute to Ramona Singer?

That’s a pretty serious case of Ramona Eyetitis right there!

Top and bottom photos: Splash News