PHOTO and VIDEOS 30-Point buck shot by Wayne Schumacher of Fond du Lac, Wisonsin

Wayne Schumaker shows of the antlers of the deer he ironically named "Lucky Buck"

Wayne Schumaker shows of the antlers of the deer he ironically named "Lucky Buck"

Wayne Schumacher of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin is making headlines in the hunting world after killing a 30-point whitetail buck with a bow on Sunday. Local folks gathered outside of Dutch’s Trading Post in Fond du Lac to catch a glimpse of the trophy buck with an inside antler spread measured at 20 1/2 inches and a field-dressed weight of 225 pounds.

Schumacher says the deer was shot at a distance of just over 15 yards. Deer and Deer Hunting magazine has sent reps to get an official “green” score to record in the archery records. According to, the current record for a whitetail in the state of Wisconsin is 233 and “one estimate Monday afternoon was at 251, before deductions.”

I have to admit I don’t have the slightest clue what most of this means, except for the “30-point” part. But, I’m not so ignorant that I don’t realize that is a crazy rack of antlers! Or, in the words of Schumacher in reference to some of his other hunting trophies he uses at hat racks, “This one could hold some big caps.”

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Here are a couple videos of Wayne and the “Lucky Buck:”

(WARNING – These aren’t exactly “PETA-authorized” videos and there are some graphic shots with blood and at least six ball caps.)

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