One sip of alcohol could land Lindsay Lohan in jail

Lindsay Lohan wrestles her way out of Las Palmas nightclub in LA - could she soon be fighting for her freedom too?

The conditions of Lindsay Lohan’s bail hearing today mean that the young starlet can’t let a drop of alcohol touch her lips, or she’ll be escorted immediately to jail.

Lindsay Lohan finally made it to court after missing her date last Thursday because she was stranded in Cannes. She changed her story a few times, first blaming the Iceland volcano, and then saying that her passport had been stolen. She later added that it was arranged to be stolen by her father, and that several other items, including jewelry, were also taken.

Whatever happened, she made it back to L.A. and showed up for a court appointment this morning (Monday, May 24, 2010). She made Judge Marsha Revel, who was already not amused, wait for about 5 minutes before she rustled into court for the bail hearing where she was ordered to wear a S.C.R.A.M. bracelet (used to detect alcohol in the body by monitoring skin vapors), and submit to random drug tests.

Requests were made by Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, for Lindsay to be able to travel to Texas to shoot a movie, and to forgo the SCRAM bracelet because of filming and photo-shoots, but both requests were denied.

While Lindsay was still in France her $100,000 bail was posted by Britney Spears’ financial manager Lou Taylor.